Dalwhinnie Cycling

Garmin Connect.

It’s full on autumn, cool, wet & windy. Hummed & hawed a bit but after looking at several weather forecasts decided a better day was a long way off so decided to stop being a wimp and go for ‘it’. On this occasion ‘it’ was the Strava segment from Dalwhinnie to Newtonmore. Re-enforced by a coffee at Ralia on the way out I plodded into a powerful wind, turned round at Dalwhinnie & went for it.   The result was a 22.9 mph average and I’m now 4th out of 232.  Not bad but some fast dude has put a really good time, almost certainl, out of reach with a 26mph ride. I’ll just have to wait for a south-westerly storm to try again, but a 3.5 min improvement would be needed to take it. All very infantile but good fun, bet I’m the fastest 60+.

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