One Summer in America 1927: Bill Bryson

1927 Typical Bill Bryson, just loved it,a big book that was a great holiday read.How Bryson managed to do all the research is beyond me, must have taken years. The chapters on baseball were a bit detailed and I skipped a few sections but all in all a really enjoyable book. What a lot happened in 1927, highly recommended. via Goodreads | Edit Review – … Continue reading One Summer in America 1927: Bill Bryson

Life Cycles: Julian Sayer

Life Cycles by Julian Sayer A fascinating book that kept me interested until the end.  Yes Sayer cycled ‘round the world’ but missed out Australia (which sort of feels wrong), instead he did extra miles in the USA and Europe. Because of his disapproval of sponsorship he did the trip unsupported which led to very great hardship.  It’s amazing his physical health held up until … Continue reading Life Cycles: Julian Sayer

The Breakaway: Nicole Cooke

There is a great Scottish word to describe Nicole Cooke, feisty.  To be a truly great champion you need physical ability, intelligence and the mental toughness to overcome adversity whatever its source.  Nicole certainly had a lot with injuries, team problems and suffering the marginalisation of female road racing by British Cycling.  She fought and overcame all of this to win a peerless list of … Continue reading The Breakaway: Nicole Cooke