In Order to Live: Yeonmi Park

What an amazing story. I was engaged from start to finish and I am filled with admiration for this young lady. It’s a wonderful story of triumph over hazards and difficulties that are almost beyond the imagination of most of us who will read this book. She has made me realise how fortunate we all are in our cosy, warm homes with everything we need for a comfortable life. Briefly quoting from the book, “my family was rich…..we ate rice three times a day, and meat two or three times a month. We had money for medical emergencies, new shoes, and things like shampoo and toothpaste”. All things we in the West more than take for granted. After this time of ‘riches’, the family came close to death from starvation.
The book details what depraved depths some people can sink to but also what heights of kindness can be attained by others in the same circumstances. It was interesting to learn how much her transition to western society involved, and impressive to see how quickly Yeonmi learnt and adapted.
We live in hope that one day this vile North Korean regime will fall and maybe this book will have helped it on its way as well as being a cathartic exercise for the author. She is still very young and whatever she does she has an interesting and productive life ahead of her and I wish her all the very best.

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