Best Bike Rides 2015-12

Number 12

Logie Steading

I just love the Grampian place names!. Today I was a lean, mean, mile eating machine.  Felt really good all day, how I had hoped to feel after Tenerife and Mallorquin cycling holidays earlier this year.  Weather good with almost no wind, and a little sun, just warm enough for summer cycling kit.  Great day out finish at the superb refreshment stop at Logie. If you haven’t been there you should go, as well as good coffee and cakes the bookshop is superb and the have a huge collection of outdoor books for sale (so I purchased a Dan Brown)

  • Date: 14/07/2015
  • Route: Newtonmore-Carrbridge-Slocht-Findhorn Bridge-Corrievorrie-Garbole-Woodside-Tombrek-Craggie-Castletown-Foynesfield-Redburn-Daltulich-Dounduff-Relugas-Logie Steading
  • Country:Scotland
  • Distance:76
  • Time on Bike: 5:26:15
  • Average:15.1mph
  • Max: 33.2
  • Ascent: 4083
  • Temperature:14.o
  • Wind:light variable
Eden Valley & Dufton
Eden Valley & Dufton no connection with my ride on July 14th

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