We Were Young and Carefree: Laurent Fignon

We Were Young and Carefree

Laurent Fignon had an interesting story to tell unfortunately the way he tells it is a bit odd and I found it difficult to read. However I stuck it out and got used to the style. He was certainly a very talented rider as well as being a ‘delicate’ person and it’s a bit sad that he will mostly be remembered as the person who lost the TDF in 1989 by 8 seconds rather then the person who won the TDF twice and also the Giro d’Italia and many other top races. The chapters on the time after his retirement were of particular interest, it must be very difficult for top athletes to move on from competition. Sadly he died in 2010 aged 50 and in the long term I hope he will be remembered for his glasses, pigtail, fantastic wins and just being that bit different from the run-in-the-mill cyclist

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