Life Cycles: Julian Sayer

Life Cycles by Julian Sayer

A fascinating book that kept me interested until the end.  Yes Sayer cycled ‘round the world’ but missed out Australia (which sort of feels wrong), instead he did extra miles in the USA and Europe. Because of his disapproval of sponsorship he did the trip unsupported which led to very great hardship.  It’s amazing his physical health held up until the end.  This book was more about feelings and emotions than it was about the nuts and bolts of the trip.  I did find myself wondering how he kept his mobile phone charged when he was sleeping by the roadside most nights or just how he got enough to eat when clocking up 150 miles a day and cycling through the night.  His observations on different countries and people were equally interesting.  It’s sad that in the end his record was not officially recognised and I find myself wondering what he is doing now as it seemed his return to ‘normal life’ left him no more at peace with himself than when he started his journey. A recommended book with many sections of inspirational writing.

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