Chis Hoy (autobiography)

I enjoyed reading Chris Hoy’s book, it made a pleasant read after Nicole Cook’s moaning and complaining of my previous book. Hoy definitely comes over as cycling’s ‘Mr Nice Guy’ although to achieve what he did there must be a determined, stubborn streak there somewhere. He certainly seems to have his wits about him be it on the track or making the most of his assets to earn a living. He strikes me as the sort of person I would like to invite round for dinner. The writing style is not great but I would recommend this book to anyone interesting in reading about sport and what it takes to get to the top.

How I Won the Yellow Jumper – Ned Boulting

Fantastic book, funny and very well written. A ‘sideways look’ at the Tour de France with interesting insights into the lot of a TV journalist and the characters of some of the riders. Made me laugh and smile and wanting more. It was an enjoyable read professionally written.

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