Best Bike Rides 2015-6

Number 6

Sa Colabra

Mallorca  (107).JPG
Sinuous or What!!!

We did it (Sa Colabra) on another hot, sweaty and very enjoyable day. The descent and climb are intimidating and it’s difficult to describe. Not many roads like it in the whole of europe and a ‘must do’ for a cyclist. There were other good bits, quiet rural roads to start, beautiful climb from Caimari shaded by trees and a wonderful fast twisting descent to Pollença to finish the day but Sa Colabra was outstanding. Have recovered well from previous  2 days and getting used to the heat (33c on the big climb).

Mallorca  (114).jpg
Yea, I did It

Date: 05/05/2015

Route:Port de Pollença-Caimari-MA2140-Col de Reis-Sa Colabra-MA 2140-MA10- Port de Pollença

Country: Mallorca, Spain

Distance: 67

Time on Bike: 05:47:40

Average:12 mph

Max: 39 mph


Average Temperature: 24

Wind: no wind

Mallorca  (104).jpg
Sweating Up Sa Colabra

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