Best Bike Rides 2015-3

Number 3

Surreal Tunnels On a Very Heavy MTB

One of the Many Tunnels on the Via Verde

A pleasant start with a downhill run to the Via Verda and then along it to Estancion Coripe. The tunnels felt as surreal as yesterday.  This time there were dozens of schoolchildren having a nice day out on bikes, must have been their outdoor education day. Then onto the tarmac to the charming village of Coripe for the days first coffee, then onwards to Moron de la Frontera. I particularly liked this road that dipped and twisted through olive groves and ploughed fields, the different coloured soils making it an attractive setting.  Good surface and the almost complete absence of traffic helped. Moron DLF is one of these places with an almost impenetrable one way system, not sure I found the town centre, however I did find a nice bar for another coffee.  This time the atmosphere was very Andalucian with flamenco singing (wailing!) playing loudly on the radio whilst a group of men also held a loud conversation. I GPS’d my way out the town and sweated my way to Pruna via a series of long climbs and descents. Hauling the heavy MTB up the climbs was hard work as it was very warm by then but I stuck to my task noting that Pruna looked a nice place and worth a proper visit. I made it back to the bike hire on time and was delighted to hand the bike back,  I never want to see it again. Though slightly further than yesterday I had a stronger day, think I’m getting used to the heat and the bike. Now for some easier days with more cycling, and a better bike, next week.

Date: 12/11/2015

Route:Olvera-Vai Verda-Coripe-Moron de la Frontera-Pruna-Estancion Olvera

Country: Andalucia, Spain

Distance: 52 miles

Time on Bike: 04:30:27

Average:11.6 mph

Max:36 mph

Ascent: 3653 feet

Average Temperature:19.9 Celsius (but the tunnels were cold and it was a lot hotter than that in the afternoon)

Wind: no wind

Viaduct Shadows on the Via Verde
Yea, Well, You Have Been Warned

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