The Very Best Bike Ride 2015

Number 1

Tiede Up and Down

Lava Flows on Tiede
Chris Froome Trains Here
A Wee Rest on the Way Up
2355m (from Sea level)

The Very Best Ride 2015

I really wanted this one and was not sure if today was the day (weather & Sunday traffic). I thought of our friend Neil Mackenzie who died in January whilst climbing in Canada and he would have said, “Go for it Pete, you might not be here tomorrow”. It was a long climb, probably the longest I have ever done, but it went well. Passed from the hazy sun through a layer of mist (cloud) between 750 & 1250m then just beyond La Caldera broke through to a beautiful sunny day. The temperature shot up from about 10c to 25c and the aspect of the road means there was little shade. All the way up the gradient varied from 5% to 10% and I rode on my pulse keeping it below 130 apart from on the 10% sections which were quite short. This worked well until 1750m when to sustain the same level of effort I needed a 140 pulse rate and over 2000m this rose to 150. I felt fine (mostly) there was just less oxygen in the air. Had a slight energy wobble about 5k before El Portillo (2000m) but this was cured with coffee, boccadillo and a very large cake. Met a Norwegian girl with her Spanish boyfriend who are coming over for the Etape Caledonia in May. Reached the lava fields and took loads of pics, what an amazing place, well worth the effort, turned round at the cable car turn off and started the equally amazing descent. This needed a fair bit of concentration but with long straight sections, I was able to keep the speed between 25 & 30 mph for miles. Few cars passed me as I was moving at roughly the same speed. I could see the sea of cloud below and this was entered suddenly at 1000m. It was very dense, very wet and cold. The temperature suddenly dropped from 25c to below 10c. Stopped to put extra clothes on and then, suddenly, I was alone in a silent world. Still descending but at about 15mph. Visibility was down to 20m all vehicles were creeping and I had to clear my glasses of condensation frequently, it was almost raining. Braking was also affected as my bike, and myself got very wet. This cloud layer persisted until La Oratava at 500m. The road levelled off and I was glad to pedal for the first time on nearly 25 miles. Home (hotel) by 7.30, the round trip had taken 8hrs 30min. Retirement, what’s that?

Date: 29/03/2015

Route: Tiede

Country: Tenerife, Spain

Distance: 58 miles

Time on Bike:05:43:09

 Average: 10 mph

Max: 36mph

Ascent: 7287 feet

Average Temperature: 19 Celsius

Wind: no wind

Tenerife (281).JPG
Tiede Looms

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