2017 Activity Summary

Sa Calobra – Simply The Best  


3197 miles up 400 miles from 2016

I was surprised by how high this total was as I felt I had spent roughly the same amount of time cycling as in 2016. I think the reason is that my rides were longer. Nowadays,  I always try to do at least two hours. Averages: speed 13.7 mph, temperature 11.8 Celsius and I had no heart rate problems despite pushing myself quite hard occasionally. Height gained was 36,082 meters (118,349 feet).  Longest ride was 105 miles from Newtonmore and the most enjoyable was Sa Calobra in Mallorca (picture above), starting the day with a boat ride to the foot of the climb. My lifetime total is now 199,839 so I will be able to join the 200,000 club this year.


608 miles, about the same as 2016

I walk whenever and wherever I can, street, trails, place to place but almost no hills or mountains in 2017.  The good intentions are there but I keep going out on my bike instead.


301 miles, 150 miles down on 2016

I really enjoy my running nowadays but  I took 6 months away from it to allow my sore knee to recover. I’m not quick but can comfortably run 5 miles. The lesson learned from 2016 is to allow recovery days after a run over five miles.  I enjoyed the Men’s Health 10K run in Edinburgh, one of only 5 competitors over 70 years from a field of 2000, I was second in my age group and plan to be the first next year. I know there are not many regular runners of my age, and inevitably, one day I will have to stop, but let’s hope it’s not for a year or three.


3925 meters

Boo, I hate it, but I know it’s good for me. I find it really boring, but a short swim followed by a steam and sauna leaves me feeling really good, so I end up going once every 2/3 of weeks.


48 Visits

Unlike many, I do quite enjoy my visits. I mostly go to do upper body exercises as I do plenty of legwork at other times. I also make sure I do fit-ball and Pilates/yoga style stretching aiming to maintain core strength. It works for me, I can do long bike rides with getting backache, something I couldn’t do 15 years ago.

Health & Lifestyle

I’m in good health, partially good luck or genes,  partially hard work. Kathryn and I try to eat healthily, exercise regularly, rest well and sleep well. I also stretch every day as I am keen to retain my limited flexibility. If I could talk to my younger self I would tell him not to go to so many very loud rock concerts, the end result is I that suffer intrusive tinnitus which compromises my ability to hear in noisy situations.

Plans for 2018

More cycling, especially in warm places, long rides, maybe some cycle touring. A few days hillwalking as well as working hard to keep fit and healthy.

Trek Domane – The best Bike I have ever ridden, I want one!!!

© Peter Main – January 2018



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