2018 Activity Summary

Soller & Palma 2017

1545 miles, average speed 14.1 mph
Well down on previous year. Longest ride 71 miles
911 miles, a slight increase in previous year. Longest run 7 miles
7,000 meters, a big increase as I got my head round swimming longer distances
22 visits, most years it’s 40-50 but stuff got in the way
Other Activities
A little XC skiing, no mountains or alpine skiing.
Significantly reduced activity in 2018 mainly due to finding and moving to a new house also some health problems. One result is I weighed an average of 2 kg more than previous years (must eat less!). It all feels a bit like the first stage of the beginning of the end of ‘big activity’s’. I hope I can find a way back to things like a 100-mile day on the bike and I’m looking forward to exploring unfamiliar places in East Lothian giving us a fresh impetus to our activities.

Porto Cristo – happy on holiday

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