2018 Activity Summary

Cycling 1545 miles, average speed 14.1 mph Well down on previous year. Longest ride 71 miles Walking/Running 911 miles, a slight increase in previous year. Longest run 7 miles Swimming 7,000 meters, a big increase as I got my head round swimming longer distances Gym 22 visits, most years it’s 40-50 but stuff got in the way Other Activities A little XC skiing, no mountains … Continue reading 2018 Activity Summary

2015 Activity Summary

Cycling 3409 miles Mean Speed 13.5 mph Climbing 52,710 meters Mean Ride Temperature 11 Celsius Mean Max Pulse 147 Mean Average Pulse 114 Mean Calories Per Ride 894 Walking Hill Days 20 Munro’s 1 Other Hills 3 Mileage Walking 663 Mileage Running 518 More cycling, more running, more walking, more holidays, what a fantastic year. Living on the ‘planet more’ is wonderful, I’m very lucky Continue reading 2015 Activity Summary