Best Bike Rides 2015-10

Number Ten

The Culloden Sportive

Had a good day, knocking substantial time off the 2013 event on a fast day with some sun, reasonable temps and almost no wind, apart from Dava Moor. Got away in the first group so had lots of fast wheels to cling on to much of the way round.  Particularly enjoyed mashing the lanes on the first 25 miles. Apart from one energy dip around Cawdor I was strong all day though I would have been faster in August which I now know was peak fitness this year. A pleasant well organised event, my first (and last) one of 2015.

Date: 10/10/2015

Route: Culloden-Dava-Lochindorb-Grantown-Boat of Garten-Carrbrodge-Dava-Culloden

Country: Scotland

Distance: 91 5 miles

Time on Bike: 6.16.37

Average: 16mph


Ascent:4227 feet

Average Temperature:16

Wind: w; light

Going Well at the Start, Culloden Viaduct in Background

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