Best Bike Rides 2015-8

Number 8

Windmills, Woodlands and a Sore Arse


Holland   (59).JPG
It wouldn’t be Holland without a windmill would it!

Using one of those interesting Dutch bikes with a very upright position and a very uncomfortable saddle. Lots of cyclists, many on strange bikes, lots of cycling infrastructure, a windmill, shady woods and interesting villages. What a nice day to be cycling.

Date: 07/06/2015

Route:Leersum-Bovenhaarweg-Leersum-Wijk Bij Duurstede-Amerongen-Overberg-Bovenhaarweg

Country: Holland

Distance: 21 miles

Time on Bike: 03:15:31

Average: 6mph

Ascent: 350 feet

Average Temperature:24 Celsius

Wind: no wind

Holland   (65).JPG
Wide Open Sky and Lines of Cyclists


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